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CSC featured in Amazon Web Services blog

Bobber Cheng, Ronit Rudra, and Melissa Kwok
March 21, 2023
CSC featured in Amazon Web Services blogCSC featured in Amazon Web Services blog

CSC Engineering Manager Bobber Cheng and Senior Software Engineer Ronit Rudra coauthored an AWS blog on CSC's new PIM system.

How CSC Generation powers product discovery with knowledge graphs using Amazon Neptune

CSC Generation is a company that focuses on acquiring overlooked stores and catalog-based retailers and transforming them into high-performance, digital-first brands. As we grew through multiple acquisitions, it became apparent that our legacy product information system (PIM), backed by relational databases, was no longer able to handle the ever-increasing product inventory across all our brands.

In order to meet the scale required, we developed a new PIM system called CorePIM, which at its heart, uses a knowledge graph powered by the managed graph database service Amazon Neptune. Sitting tangential to the knowledge graph and supporting our APIs are a set of microservices that are tightly integrated with other AWS services like Amazon OpenSearch Service and Amazon Kinesis Data Streams.

Read the rest of the blog HERE.

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